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sooooooooo sorry i missed this

From : TheMobiusBand <>
To : mobius band mailing list:;
Subject : mobius band join sonic youth on extended international campaign
Date : Fri, 7 Mar 2003 10:38:01 -0500


the mobius band
saturday, march 8
140 pleasant street
northampton, ma

21+ / $7 / 9 pm

with THURSTON MOORE ACTION TRIO, the sightings, the fucking sparklies

this will be great. it costs a little more, and it starts a little earlier, but then again, look who's playing.

i'll skip the thurston/sy rocks! introduction. suffice it to say that most everything i've heard him do, with his 'main gig' or not, has been really great. so this should be no exception.

the sightings are a new york band in a noisy no-wave vein, or so i'm told.

the sparklies are a local electronic/song-oriented collective somewhat similar to arab strap or early tricky.

the order is sparklies (9 pm), sightings (10 pm), mobius band (11 pm), action trio (midnight).
in other news...

--+ apparently we've engendered some russian-speaking fans. if anyone out there can read this strange, strange alphabet, please get back to us. i want to know what he's saying about 'burnoff' damnit.

--+ amazon finally got it together and both 'three' and 'two' are in stock again. if you were curious. see you soon ben --
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